Attention to safety and the environment

Breman Machinery places value on a safe working environment and an environmentally friendly style of business. That is why we pay a great deal of attention to safety and environmental aspects. The attention for this is incorporated in our style of business so that we can comply with the strictest standards.

In order to guarantee a responsible style of working, we have established agreements on these aspects in protocols and instructions. The safe use of machines and lifting equipment is a central issue in this. It is second nature for our staff to be alert to risks. This mentality is the best guarantee of maximum safety. It is supported by sound safety procedures.

We have also embedded care for the environment in the way we do business. Waste materials are processed in a sustainable manner. Where possible we ensure recycling of materials. We also behave responsibly in our energy consumption and test new investments for sustainability.

It goes without saying that our spray shop meets the highest environmental requirements.