Above all, we do it together! Mark Dunnink - CAD-CAM Programmer

Twenty-four-year-old, Mark Dunnink, has been working at Breman Machinery since 2018. He completed his HAVO education and then went on to study mechanical engineering for four years at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle. He did his minor in Sweden where he lived and studied for six months. After that, he started his graduation internship at Breman Machinery. The collaboration proved to be successful on both sides to such an extent that Mark was offered a contract for the position of CAD-CAM Programmer.

Linking theory with practice

As part of the induction process, he chose to work in the factory for a month; the ideal opportunity to also discover the practical side of the work. “This gave me an insight into the day-to-day operations of the business and into the practical bottlenecks that sometimes arise.”

Besides, there was another challenge waiting for him. He was actively involved in the implementation of a new CAD-CAM software solution and Mark now works with this application daily. He finds his biggest challenge to connect theory with practice. "This variety in activities really appeals to me. The product is manufactured in the way I design it. I get involved straight from the quotation stage of a project on. Together with the Sales department, I discuss how products can be processed efficiently. After the order is placed, I receive a drawing and a 3D model of the product to be manufactured. From there, the development of the plan starts.”

Wide variety of work activities

First of all, Mark determines on which machine the product can be processed. Next, he works out the fixture in close consultation with the machine operator. They then determine together which tools the product will be processed with and whether special tools need to be made. “More and more attention is being paid to mutual collaboration in the workplace. Here the phrase applies: ‘We do it together!’ My job is to complete all the preparation work before fabrication commences.”

The fact that Breman Machinery does not shy away from a challenge and processes products with extreme precision from start to finish was the main motivation for Mark to join Breman Machinery. He describes his work as dynamic, varied, challenging and exclusive. “There are always different products being finalised for a wide-ranging variety of sectors, from astronautics to the offshore industry. Always with completely different requirements, characteristics and material types. The wide variety of activities and products makes the work interesting and challenging.”

”One thing applies to all aspects: we do it together!”

Plenty of opportunity for development

Mark recently completed a course for working with a laser tracker. He can now also measure with a laser tracker to check the products. “Breman Machinery encourages us to undertake courses. Plenty of opportunities are offered for further training. That’s another aspect that really appeals to me; the importance of expanding and sharing craftsmanship within this family business.”

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