Everyone knows each other by name Jarno Brand - Construction fitter

Twenty-six-year-old Jarno Brand has been working as a construction fitter/welder at Breman Machinery in Genemuiden for 9 years. He started his career at a small metal company, but he lacked work variety there. Jarno has personally developed at Breman and has now obtained his NIL (Dutch Institute for Welding Technique) Welding Diploma Level 4 and various other certificates. We talk to him about how he got into the metal industry and about his education.

A grandfather as a blacksmith

With a grandfather as a blacksmith and a father who owns his own metalworking company, metal runs in Jarno's blood. From an early age he wanted to work with his hands: being at school was something he didn't enjoy. “I got into a conversation with Hans Breman, one of the owners of Breman Machinery, at an ‘open day’ at Deltion College. Despite the pleasant conversation, I chose to work as a maintenance engineer close to home via a BBL construction (apprenticeship training), but this didn’t turn out the way I envisioned. I found working with a welding robot boring and I missed the challenge in my work. I still remembered the conversation with Hans and applied for a job at Breman Machinery. I was invited to drop by, and I could get straight to work.”

Obtained additional diplomas

After obtaining his All-round Construction Worker Diploma Level 3, Jarno started working full-time. Breman Machinery allows employees to obtain welding diplomas in the evening hours and Jarno made good use of this opportunity. He now holds a Level 4 welding diploma and has obtained the certificates 'Working at height' and 'Visual inspection of welding'. “I currently work as a construction fitter and regularly carry out assembly work. The diversity of the work greatly appeals to me. Everything is under one roof: the entire process from raw materials to final assembly. It is always nice to see a project leave the building and to see the results of what you have made together. The large and special projects are particularly awesome. I remember walking around the halls in amazement during the first few days. And some days I still do.”

Management and employees all know each other

Sharing the good and the bad

Jarno often works on location. He worked on many projects in IJmuiden at Breman Offshore. This is where most of the company's major projects are assembled and prepared for shipping, but he has also worked in Antwerp, Bremen, Vlissingen and on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte. Projects that sometimes take a couple of weeks means he can sometimes be away from home during weekdays. “I see it as a huge challenge to deliver the same quality there and I enjoy the freedom it gives me.”

Jarno feels at home at Breman Machinery. “The atmosphere is collegial and although it's a big company, everyone knows each other by name, and we share the good and bad times with each other. Because we work together in varying teams, you can learn a lot from your colleagues. You can always ask questions; you can pick up a lot of knowledge from others if you are open to it. By asking questions and taking an interest in my colleagues' work, I learned more here than I did at school.”

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