We are all on an equal footing Roel Postma - Project manager

Thirty-one-year-old Roel Postma has been with Breman Machinery since August 2015. After completing his higher professional education (HBO), Mechanical Engineering Studies at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, he first started working as a project coordinator at the same company he performed his thesis assignment at. Until he met with Breman’s director, Henk Breman. A good conversation followed and during his summer holidays, he quit his job and joined Breman Machinery.

Providing input about policy and governance

As project coordinator, Roel travelled all over the country for his previous employer. He inspected bridges and pumping stations, did procurement, engineering and worked in various departments. After his baby daughter was born, he realised that he missed out on a lot because of the long daily journeys back home. The conversation with Henk Breman came at exactly the right time. “I started as a project manager in 2015 and I am now working as an executive of projects. This means, that in addition to my work as a project manager, I also have an administrative function.”

Roel enjoys combining both roles. “On the one hand, there is plenty of contact with existing and potential clients and I do not lose the feeling of being in touch with daily operations. On the other hand, I provide input to the management about policies and governance at Breman Machinery'.

Balance between quality, delivery time and price

The high degree of freedom, being a leader in the industry, the beautiful workpieces that are manufactured time and time again; these are things that appeal to Roel. “The large products manufactured in the high-rise halls are wonderful for an engineer to be involved with.”

He sometimes faces difficult decisions to achieve the balance between quality, delivery time and price. “Each factor has an impact on the other factors. Breman Machinery always delivers the best quality, so that can be quite a challenge, as well as sticking to delivery times. When unexpected urgent matters arise, it is important to respond quickly and directly to the customer and to listen carefully. The project managers at Breman Machinery maintain direct contact with the customer as a single point of contact. It is important to create a good relationship with your customer, so the cooperation works well for both parties involved, resulting in happy customers and repeat business. The challenge lies in the correct balance of all those factors and the requirements of the project managers, in which the customer’s needs are always key. This requires a great deal of coordination between them.”

Strong international character

Roel works with Auto Desk Inventor, Autocad, ERP package and MS Projects. He also increasingly works with 3D files, which are often provided by customers. In-house engineering is developing rapidly and is used for our company resources, for attachments and customer-specific solutions. In the past year, Roel has been involved in the production of the BUSSINK R80XL Giant Observation Wheel, commissioned by Breman Mega Wheels. “This Ferris Wheel was installed in New Jersey, overlooking the Manhattan Skyline. It was a wonderful challenge. A multidisciplinary project with a strong international character, because of the collaboration between the American client and Dutch, German and Swiss suppliers. A combination of electronic and control engineering and fabrication of the steel frame, including the high-quality cabins. It was a great challenge and the biggest project I have worked on so far.”

Within our flat organisation, everyone is on an equal footing

Schooling young employees

According to Roel, Breman Machinery distinguishes itself from the competition with its unique range of machinery and craftsmen who make the company even stronger. “There is so much experience in the workplace. Many employees have worked here all their lives and some of their fathers and other family members have worked here as well. It is nice to see that a lot of time and energy is put into training young employees. From generation to generation, all the craftsmanship is passed on. Everyone is happy to share experiences and the commitment among the workforce is tremendous. There is respect for each other, we work together rather than solving issues individually. We have a no-nonsense mentality and there is an appreciation for employees. Within our flat organisation, everyone is on an equal footing. With attention to personal circumstances when private matters arise, the company works with its employees to create space and time, as necessary. I, too, feel appreciated at Breman Machinery and would like to continue to develop myself and run many more diverse projects.”

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