What do we master? Discover the secret we share

At Breman Machinery, we have all the knowledge, skills, and resources in-house to offer you a complete, modern and certified manufacturing process. As a contractor for innovative finished products or as supplier of critical steel components; extreme weight, huge dimensions and meticulous precision are the common denominator for all our deliveries. How do we do it? We take full responsibility of our role to make our customers’ dreams come true.

Contractor for innovative finished products

Contractor for innovative finished products

A Ferris Wheel that offers breath-taking views, immense grabs that carry tonnes of heavy shiploads, wind turbines that are game changers in the transition of energy, or oil and gas storage and transfer systems in stormy seas. As a contractor of innovative finished products, we produce the steel component of these solutions ourselves. We fully coordinate the engineering and integration of software, mechanics, and hydraulics for you. What challenges would you like to take up with us?

Supplier of critical components

Supplier of critical components

A submarine on a mission, medical equipment for ground-breaking cancer treatments, a spacecraft ready to launch, or rollercoasters that cause butterflies in your stomach. For impressive finished products like these, we put our craftsmanship to use. We are also a supplier of critical components which must be able to withstand the heaviest loads imaginable. For which critical components of your dream project do you need our extreme precision?

What types of machining do we perform? Discover the secret we master

Producing innovative finished products and critical steel components or a small series of them, of extreme weight and huge dimensions, requires meticulous precision. That is our speciality. We have mastered the secret of machining, fabrication, sheet-metal work, rolling, bending, and finishing techniques in detail. With masterful craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, we carry out all steelwork for you under one roof.

Machining - Breman Machinery B.V.

Small custom work Challenging manageable products and parts

We may be equipped for large projects, nevertheless we are flexible enough to carry out smaller metal works. Whether you come to us with designs, prototypes or detailed drawings of challenging, manageable products and/or parts made of steel, aluminium or stainless steel, we can help. These can vary from a few centimetres to several metres.

Small custom work - Challenging manageable products and parts
Small custom work  - Challenging manageable products and parts
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