Machine Construction Assistance in the development of heavy machinery and equipment

Do you design, manufacture and/or supply custom-made, heavy and complex machinery and equipment? We can work with you in the civil foundation engineering and crane building sectors, as well as with the manufacturing industry, by providing innovative finished products and critical steel components.


Civil foundation engineering

Contributing to constructions on the border of land and water

From bridges connecting parts of a country, to container terminals that provide ports with even more economic value. We can help in the development of equipment for lifting and pile driving; such as hydraulic vibrators, pile drivers and the construction of civil engineering structures.

Crane manufacturing

For high-level technology

Deep sea cranes for mobile and floating drilling rigs and platforms and mobile cranes for bulk transhipment in seaports and maintenance of wind turbines. On land, in ports, on ships and offshore, we make crane manufacturing possible with innovative finished products and critical steel components using high-level crane technology.


Complete solutions for production lines of food, paper and carpets

From transport and conveyor systems for meat, bread, biscuits and cardboard packaging, to cooling rollers for the production of carpet, laminate or PVC; no matter how complex your project may be, we can offer support in the development of production lines. We have experience working with many global organisations in the food, paper and carpet industries.

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